Luxxus 150 2.0

1W LED Module

GLOBAL LUX presents our brightest module, the Luxxus 150 2.0. This is the optimal product for lighting up your deeper signs with fewer modules. With unmatched row spacing and 110 lumens/watt, it’s no wonder why this is our most popular product.

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The Perfect module for large signs.

More light. More brightness. More uniformity.
Less modules. Less power supplies. Less labor.

Recommended Depth (inches)45678910 +
Distance Between Rows (inches)*56-81010-1210-128-108

* Measurements tested with acrylic face. May vary with thickness of material.

Luxxus 150 2.0


  • Clear dome to get the most out of the light.
  • 150° beam angle allows for great row spacing and optimal brightness.

Technical Specifications



Certification-CE   Certification-R0HS   certification-lm   Certification-UL