Eco Luxxus 160

0.72W LED Module

GLOBAL LUX presents the Eco Luxxus 160, where brightness meets efficiency. At 0.72w per module, you can fit up to 70 on a single 60w Power supply. The 160° beam angle makes this module work from shallow letters to 8” cans, it’s been designed to work well in all situations, and at a great price.

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Great for Shallow Signs !

Recommended Depth (inches)2**345678
Distance Between Rows (inches)*34-56-78108-108

* Measurements tested with acrylic face. May vary with thickness of material
** 3 modules/foot

Eco Luxxus 160


  • Low energy consumption allows you to fit 70 modules on a power supply.
  • Offers great colors
  • Economical
  • 160° beam angle

Technical Specifications



Certification-CE   Certification-UL   Certification-R0HS